On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Sylhet Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (SMCCI), I would like to thank you all for visiting our website. Sylhet is better known as a great city of Saints, located on the northern bank of the Surma River and is surrounded by the Jaintia, the Khasia and the Tripura hills. The city is, at present, approaching a mass of population of about 500,000. Sylhet has a low population growth and density. Compared with the other parts of Bangladesh, it is one of the largest cities in Bangladesh with a history of different conquests implanting a mixed heritage of different types of people, cultures and religions. We have just started our concerted economic journey at a time full of many risks and uncertainties, but none the less, with prospective opportunities as well. In fact, it is the prevailing free-market economy, regulatory climate, and global congenial circumstances that brings and holds us together. Like all other Chambers, SMCCI is an association of business people. We believe that it is far better to promote our objectives and protect our interests in harmony with other like-minded individuals and organisations. Together and united, we shall be able to adapt, adopt, overcome, survive in all odds, and even would have a prosperous free economic room in the global trade market. I wish to take an opportunity to mention that Sylhet is famous for its natural beauties, tea gardens, oil, mineral, natural gas, limestone and other natural resources. There are many cities in the World, which are even better known because of their GDP and GNP growth than their country names for example, London, New York, Cairo and each of them is situated on the bank of a river. Our dream is to take our dear land Sylhet to that level, where the very name Sylhet will reflect and represent Bangladesh, our dear motherland. It will reach the destination and horizon of World-class business people. The first Economic Zone is under construction in Sylhet. A feasibility report of DFID & European Union says that Sylhet has all kinds of business facilities required for food processing, electronics, software, glass and ceramic, plastic, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, packaging, textiles, shoes, leather and garments industries. SMCCI is looking to the future arena to work with its local members and also beyond, the City Corporation, civic and social entities, and fellow outside residents (NRBs) in order to drive and sustain a healthy and vibrant local economic climate, and last but not least, to leave a glorious and healthy legacy to the upcoming generation. If you are a member – thank you for your continued involvement and support. If you are a businessperson and a prospective member, please consider that you can make us all better by participating in and also helping to foster the economic climate and that would also help you have benefit from the collective efforts of the contributing members of SMCCI. Please join us and let us make a concerted effort at our relevant sphere, in order to achieve our objectives.. I firmly believe that if we work together, take care of our valued customers using good business practices, maintaining high business standards vis-à-vis ethical values, and remain involved in our community, we would have the best opportunity to develop and prosper in the economic horizon of the country, nay of the world, and contribute our mite thereto. Thanking you all once again and looking forward to receiving your all-out support.