<p>On January 25, 2022, a virtual exchange meeting was held with the Board of Directors of IICCCI at the initiative of IICCCI through Zoom of the Board of Directors of SMCCI. The meeting was chaired by IICCCI President Atul Kumar Chexina. SMCCI President Afzal Rashid Chowdhury, former President Haseen Ahmed, and Director Moammir Hossain Chowdhury were present on behalf of SMCCI at the virtual exchange meeting. IICCCI was represented by Aimenda Singh, Resident Manager, IICCCI, Pamela Pal, Admin, Sujata Rakshit Tanu, Assistant Admin, Sultana Sheela, Senior Executive. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)was signed between the Indian Importers Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) and the Sylhet Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI) on 29 July 2019. This is the first meeting of the representatives of the two chambers since then. The Presidents of both the Chambers thanked the Board of Directors of both the Chambers for concluding the Memorandum of Understanding. The meeting discussed various aspects of the development of trade and commerce between the two countries. The businessmen of both countries are committed to working together to enhance their management skills and professionalism. The President of IICCI said that IICCI Bangladesh has over 300 members including Bashundhara Group, Abdul Monem Group, Rupayan Group, Power Vision Group, Techno Media Limited, Diamond World Limited. The Indian Importers Chamber of Commerce and Industry will soon open offices in many countries to engage with foreign members and to facilitate the promotion of foreign and bilateral trade. Haseen Ahmed, former president of SMCCI, said the Sylhet Metropolitan Chamber is ready to work with IICCCI to promote, expand and increase investment in manufactured products of both the countries and to develop internal relations. Haseen Ahmed said the two chambers would work together to attract local, national, and international investors to invest in various potential sectors in Sylhet, including the IT sector and tourism. In this way, holding a frequent exchange of views meetings will open up more opportunities for businessmen of both the countries.</p>