Sylhet Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SMCCI) is the point of contact for business in Sylhet. And the platform is also involved in promoting business through arranging training, workshops, and seminars, symposiums, roundtable conferences and trade fairs. It will facilitate trade and commerce to cater to the needs and their demands of the local as well as foreign entrepreneurs in penetrating into a new market. SMCCI will be a high profile non-profit service organization whose function is much essential to the innovative business community. Both local and foreign entrepreneurs come to the SMCCI with request of services they need but they are unaware of the other services that the SMCCI offers. We have already approached different Embassies and High Commissions at Dhaka to request reputed organizations of their countries to participate in our 2nd Sylhet International Trade Fair (SITF)-2016.

Sylhet Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SMCCI) is a chamber of business. Industrial and professional concerns and interested individuals are working together to enhance the economic and socio-economic wellbeing of their community and increase investment opportunities.

This year, the month long 2nd Sylhet International Trade Fair (SITF)-2016, begins from 10th March-2016.

PROGRAM: Sylhet 2nd International Trade Fair (SITF)-2016

VENUE:  Shadar Upozela Playground, Shahi Eidghah,Sylhet.

CHIEF GUEST: Abdul Matlub Ahmed, President, FBCCI.

DATE: 10th March, 2016



  • Opportunities for entrepreneurs to display local products besides foreign ones.
  • Opportunities for foreigners to browse local products.
  • Conception of supply and demand.
  • Easy access to new information.
  • Immediate response from interested buyers.
  • Public interests.
  • Direct feedback on product performance.
  • Market Orientation.
  • Biggest Trade Fair in Sylhet.

Participant’s Eligibility:

* Textile & garments * Handlooms * Handicrafts * Furniture *Chemicals * Ceramics

* Leather goods *Motor vehicles * Real Estate *Building materials   *Toiletries

* Cosmetics   * Jewelleries   *Machineries *Jute goods *Rubbers *Electronics & Electrical *Information technology (IT)   *Plastics accessories

*Toys and other kitchenware’s   *Fashionable items etc.

Mode of Payment:

Payment should be made in favor of Sylhet Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SMCCI) through cash/ crossed cheque/ demand draft/ pay order.

Sponsor Tariff:

We are glad to discover that we wanted some sponsorship for any kind of items in coming to “Sylhet International Trade Fair-2016”. Those who are interested to provide sponsorship in the fair are requested to contact with us.

Colorful Souvenir:


An elaborate attractive special souvenir is going to be published containing names and addresses of the entrepreneurs with their products.

Infrastructural Info- Facilities:

  • All the booths will be partitioned three sides with CI Sheet and the tops will be covered with CI Sheet/tarpaulin along with a false ceiling of white cloth.
  •  Every booth & pavilion will be provided with 1&3 energy lights respectively and the participants can consume 100&500 watts per day free of cost.
  • The additional consumption beyond the limit is to be charged for taka 24 per 100 watt every day.
  • 4 (four) gate passes for every booth and 7 (seven) gate passes for pavilion will be issued by the authority for its management.

Who can participate?

  • Study the brochure and layout minutely.
  • Choose the pavilion/Booth and then fill up the registration form.
  • For the reservation, tariff must be paid 50% in advance during submission of the registration form.
  • For Further information, please contact with the office directly.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Display of digital signboard is compulsory for each & every stall/pavilion.
  • All the decisions about pavilion/booth reservation will be finalized by the authority only.
  • Transfers/sublets shall not be allowed without prior permission of the authority.
  • Participants’ charge once paid is not refundable due to his/her incapability of joining.
  • Illegal products are strictly prohibited to be displayed.
  • Regarding any occurrence that is not mentioned here, the authority shall reserve the supreme right to resolve it and authority’s decision shall be final.
  • Participants have to bring their products before 10 AM or after 10 PM every day.
  • In case of any part of  the Venue being unfortunately destroyed by fire, earthquake, storm, war, civil disturbances like riots and other irresistible forces or acts of God, which may be regarded as beyond the control of responsibility of the management, the affected party of participant’s shall not be entitled to claim any compensation or refund of its/their deposited tariff.